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Who We Are?

Our work was planned to focus on efficiency and quality.

Each client is treated as a project, in defining the scope we detail all the expectations and particularities of each client. In the scope definition phase we describe everything that is important to our client, how we will perform the job, how we report all occurrences and payments. Our employees receive specific training to perform the tasks in each client and annual training of general procedures of the company. Meetings of status reports are scheduled for client evaluation and adjustments.

For better security and tranquility of the client and the company, our company is always insured to carry out our tasks.

Private Company:

The owner and CEO maintain a channel for direct contact with each of our clients, thus maintaining a strong partnership and helping all parties to execute and improve their responsibilities


Our evolved pricing process understands that each client has its particularities, based on this information we implement a vision of projects for each client. With this we can set up a cleaning program exactly as what the customer needs and within his budget.
Why Choose Us

Quality Control

We have a detailed and modern process to control and guarantee quality. Included in these controls are not only processes, but training and supervision. Our company and our clients have collected good results in the sum of these three pillars:

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